About Finger spinners and Fidget spinners

Finger Spinners Alure!
 Fidget spinners, and finger spinners what are they? Have you ever had to stop yourself from twirling your hair, cracking your knuckles, grinding your teeth, picking your nose, scratching your butt, nail biting,  pen tapping, or any other annoying obnoxious habit? Now we have found the best, most annoying, obnoxious, fun, delightful fidget toy ever.  Fidget Spinners, and finger spinners offers a small pocket size yet quiet fidget toy for an enjoyable alternative.
Finger Spinners what is it?
 A finger spinner, or fidget spinner, is a small toy made of metal, plastic, or wood that you  simply spin around between your fingers to promote annoyance without actually annoying those around you. In  fact once others see your new toy they too will want one also!
They’re awesome as they’re fun to spin around with, and they’re silent as a mouse on the run, so you will be the star attraction, the pioneer of fun and relaxation.  Also known to improve focus and increase your ability to find your spin zone, which can be useful in many other areas of your life. Once you reach your spin zone with finger spinners you should be able to get them spinning for minutes.  See who can spin the longest, and by the way there are secrets to increase the spin time on fidget finger spinners, hint, hint.
 Forbes magazine  "Office toy of 2017"  
 A definite must have for any millenials office scene, do not be caught without your spinner, and let all within hearing distance that is is "MYFINGERSPINNERS".   Fidget Finger Spinners metamorphed from a crowd-sourcing project that led to the development of the "fidget cube"  a round fidgety toy with a spinner on it. From this historic moment evolved hand finger spinners.  You could equate it to a lazy  rubik's cube as their is no wisdom necessary.  Spin and gaze, and you are in the phase for days!
Finger Spinners Benefits
Hand spinners are fast becoming known for helping  to break other fidgety habits, relieve stress, phone screen staring, excessive snacking and other unhealthy habits.  
Finger Spinners Products
 One of the most popular hand spinners out there is the EDC tri-spinner, which features super speedy spinning quality,  quiet, and easy on the fingers. 
 While tri-spinners now may be the most common finger spinner design, many new designs are coming to market, to stay up with the evolving market sign up for our newsletter and stay informed.  Plastic spinners  are now starting to see heavy competition from metal , and alloy finger spinners.  Technology has shown its beautiful face adding lights, and even sound, and can't wait for the candy finger spinner. Do not be the last one spinning !

Finger Spinners Tips
 Collect them and impress your friends with your excellent decision making skills on best design, colors, and utility.  Hang them on your walls, make a windmill type power generator, the ideas are limitless.  Are you the DIY because no one knows the toy for you better than you?, you make your own finger spinner with a 3-D printer, or maybe pine wood.  Either way is doable and quiet a fun process from beginning to end. Practice, practice, and more practice until you have made your perfect finger "mate" spinner. It may not be love at first sight but all good things come in time.

Finger Spinners  Anxiety and Stress
 Stress and anxiety is far from a new symptom of our new societal environment –  stress balls, rubik's cubes, card games, chess, marbles, monkey's in a barrel, and more trinkets of the times in the past came about to distract us.  Finger fidget spinners employ a fun alternative and allows for multi tasking allowing for more room to further your production. 

Finger Spinners Autism  ADD and ADHD
Autism ADD and ADHD are conditions that  sufferers continuously search for new ideas to keep the symptoms under control. Improving  focus can be a great benefit of the finger spinner use, so the use of fidget spinners may help harness symptoms of Autism, ADD, and ADHD.  This applies to both adults and children. Though no scientific studies have been approved, but if you are are or know of sufferers why not give finger spinners a try? You may be surprised at the difference they make.

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